BBC Explain Embarrassing Subtitle Relating To Nigel Owens’ Sexuality

This was very odd.

BBC have offered an explanation, after a rather strange and suspicious subtitling error during Scotland’s win over England on Saturday evening.

With 65 minutes on the clock, referee Nigel Owens handed England flanker Sam Underhill a yellow card for a dangerous no arms hit.

The subtitle explanation of the decision, captured in the screenshot, read:

“Yellow card. Nigel Owens is a gay penalty and yellow card.”

Very strange, especially considering Owens is indeed openly gay. BBC however, then quickly corrected it to read:

“Nigel Owens is saying penalty and yellow card.”

A BBC Spokesperson said:

“Our live subtitling service produces accuracy levels in excess of 98% but, as with all broadcasters, there are instances – particularly during live broadcasts – when mistakes happen.

“On this occasion the voice recognition subtitling software made an error which was spotted and corrected immediately.”

An unfortunate coincidence? Maybe. Lets hope so.


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