USA Journalist Makes Absolutely Laughable Claim Regarding NFL and Rugby

Ah lads.

Twitter is a funny place. For anyone that hasn’t experienced it – it’s a tough one to explain. Just take a quick browse through Donald Trump or Kanye West’s account to see what we mean. Some of the Tweets you’ll come across are utterly bonkers.

Then there’s the dreaded eggs. While it’s possible to create a fake Facebook profile, it’s a lot easier to do it on Twitter. In a matter of seconds you can be an anonymous egg running around the internet, spouting absolute garbage. It’s insane.

But we think we’ve finally found the most ridiculous, and downright ignorant Tweet ever written on the social media platform. Senior, yep SENIOR ESPN writer Kevin Van Valkenburg decided to have a bit of a go off rugby with an astonishing Tweet that has to be seen to be believed.

Yep you read it correctly. Rugby is so easy he reckons all he needs is a handful of NFL stars and a practice squad and he’ll take the entire sport down in a year. The best part is it appears he actually believes this, and it’s not a joke.
So Van Valkenburg and his NFL XV would dismantle the All Blacks, Ireland, England, the Hurricanes, Leinster, Saracens you name it. And to top it all off  – the USA would ‘dominate rugby’ so thoroughly ‘other countries would quit’. The best part is he got this from watching a college rugby game – in AMERICA!!!

Have you ever heard such nonsense? Without doubt one of the most clueless and ignorant statements we’ve ever read.

Someone give this man a year, an NFL team, and some budget. Send him our way. We’ll find a local thirds team to dismantle his ‘dominators’.

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