Alarm Bells Go Off As Johnny Sexton Receives Treatment During Captain’s Run

False alarm, we hope.

Ireland’s star playmaker Johnny Sexton sent shivers across Ireland earlier today, when images began to surface of him down injured with a lower back problem.

Sexton is in line to start for Ireland this weekend, and is considered their most important player alongside his halfback partner Conor Murray. Seeing him in some discomfort receiving treatment, understandably got a lot of people worried

But captain Rory Best has come out and alleviated those fears, confirming it’s nothing too serious. Sexton missed the start of the session, but should be good to this weekend.

“Yeah he’s grand. He’s just getting a bit older, so he needed a bit longer to warm up,” Best said

“He came into the tail end of the session. He let the subs run at the start and then the starters finished off. No concerns.

Thank fu*k for that.


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