Ulster Rugby Supporters Club Release Results Of Paddy Jackson & Stuart Olding Survey

Appalled, but not surprised.

The Ulster Rugby Supporters’ Club (URSC) this week asked fans to consider five options as a response to the sackings of Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding.

The international duo had their contracts revoked by the IRFU on Friday after an internal review following their highly publicised rape trial at Belfast Crown Court.

Both players were acquitted of all charges, but it was decided they were to be let go because of their behaviour regardless. Head of Ulster Rugby Shane Logan has since come out to say he does not envisage the players playing for club or country again.

In total, 390 members responded – some 42% of the Club’s membership – as follows:

A: Pleased they are gone, they have brought disgrace to Ulster Rugby. See you on Saturday. – 17 (4%)

B: Move on, we are a Supporters’ Club and we support the club not individual players. See you on Saturday. – 64 (16%)

C: Disappointed but not surprised by the outcome. URSC to write to IRFU/Ulster expressing same. – 176 (45%)

(NB: many respondents changed “disappointed” to “appalled”).

D: Appalled at the outcome – protest at the Glasgow game. See you outside on Saturday. – 80 (21%)

E: Appalled by the outcome. Boycott Glasgow game. Won’t see you on Saturday. – 52 (13%)

The URSC confirmed in response to these results that they will write to Ulster and the IRFU to express the supporters’ opposition to the decision. They will not, however, organise a protest this weekend.

The Committee also noted that whilst a third of members were appalled and wanted some form of protest, it was the Committee’s view that such action, whilst cathartic and no doubt headline grabbing, would have little impact on the hierarchy of either the IRFU or Ulster Rugby. Protest would also likely adversely affect the remaining playing squad for the last crucial matches of the season and would be disrespectful to players like Tommy Bowe making their final home appearance.

The URSC will therefore be writing to IRFU/Ulster Rugby next week to express members’ considerable dissatisfaction and disgust at the recent turn of events.

It also might be worth pointing out a poll that has been used by a number of mainstream media outlets recently. Some are suggesting ‘7 in 10 Irish people think the IRFU was right to sack Jackson and Olding’ following a poll ran by ‘The Claire Byrne show’.

While technically they are correct, only 1000 people took that poll. We we ran a similar one a few days back, with 12,000 people voting. Our results however, were much different.

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