Head Of Ulster Rugby Explains Why Paddy Jackson & Stuart Olding Were Sacked

Serious mistake.

Head of Ulster Rugby Shane Logan denies that the decision to revoke the contracts of Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding was sponsor driven.

Both players were released from their IRFU contracts on Saturday morning, following a much publicised rape trial that saw both players found not guilty on all charges.

Logan says both players will likely never play for Ulster or Ireland again, but has wished them all the best in their future endeavours.

“They have done a lot for Ulster and Irish Rugby.” Logan told the Press Association 

“They have made a very serious mistake.”

“I hope that they will learn from that and I hope they fulfil their potential going forward.”

Logan says their decision was baed on “alignment with what it is we stand for.”

“No sponsor including Bank of Ireland drove the decision,” he added.

“We have taken on board everybody’s views right across society, right across our supporter group, our sponsor group, our players, clubs, volunteers, we are part of society.

“But at the end of the day, having looked at all those things, the decision was based on alignment with what it is we stand for in particular the value of respect.

“The players themselves admitted in their own statements that they were way short of what was expected of them.”

Logan also added he had been “shocked” by the arrests, trial and content of the lewd messages which were discussed at length during the court case.

“I think we were all shocked because I don’t think what subsequently emerged was in line with what we knew of them or indeed how we expect any of us to behave,” he said.

“We waited quite deliberately with the IRFU before trying to adjudicate or weigh the facts and what had happened post trial.”

“The IRFU’s management committee unanimously made a recommendation to revoke the players contracts.

“I think I would concur with the statements of the two players, on a couple of occasions, that they were way below the standards expected of role models. That sums up how we all feel about it.

“It was way short of acceptable.”

Logan also insisted his position at the top was not under threat, despite Ulster’s problems both on and off the field this season.