This Friday Marks 10 Years Since One Of The Greatest Days In Irish Rugby History

This still sends shivers down our spines.

Friday marks ten years since Ireland famously took on England in Croke Park.

The prospect of a foreign game, not to mention a typically English one, being played in the headquarters of Ireland’s most traditional and stubborn organisation provoked widespread debate. Under Rule 42, foreign sports are strictly prohibited from GAA grounds and therefore, a vote was needed to reform this rule.
In 2005 the GAA voted in favour of foreign sports being played in Croke Park until the completion of the new Aviva stadium – when the rule would revert back to its former wording – with a clear two-thirds majority. Thus, the stage was officially set for Ireland to play its old enemy England in the GAA headquarters, 87 years after British forces opened fire on a Croke Park crowd and killed fourteen civilians. – Ryan Mackenzie

The occasion will forever be remembered for a variety of reasons. The history behind it, the respect shown for England’s anthem, the rousing rendition of Ireland’s anthem and of course the emphatic Irish win.

Seeing Shane Horgan take flight into the air and pluck O’Gara’s perfectly weighted kick couldn’t have been more fitting.

One of the greatest moments in Irish, perhaps sporting history, and a day we will never forget.

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