Scotland & Ireland On The Up As Latest World Rankings Released

On the up.

Scotland have climbed back up to fifth in the World Rankings after securing their first win over England in ten years this past weekend.

Their 25-13 Calcutta Cup win was worth a fraction under one and a half points, enough to take them above both Wales and South Africa. The Scots now have 84.43 points and are just over a point away from catching Australia and claiming a place in the top four for the first time since the rankings were introduced in October 2003.

England have lost 1.47 point because of that loss, while  Ireland gained just under four tenths for beating Wales 37-27 in Dublin. The gap between the teams ranked second and third is now down to 2.27 points as a result.

Wales’ loss to Ireland has cost them 0.36 of a point. Friday’s 34-17 victory over Italy in Marseilles meanwhile, prevented France slipping below Japan in the rankings for the first time.

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