Paul O’Connell Recalls Hilarious Prank Mick Galwey Once Played On Him

Castres v Munster x

Paul O’Connell was on Off The Ball today to promote his new book and his appearance didn’t disappoint.

O’Connell discussed a number of incidents from his new book as well as going into a lengthy discussion as to how he believes modern day rugby is almost unrecognisable in comparison to how it was when he first came onto the scene as a young lock with Munster

One player who was around back then and helped nurture O’Connell into the player he became, was former Ireland and Munster lock Mick Galwey. Galwey is a legend in Munster, and held in high regard by many of the golden Munster generation, including O’Connell himself.

Galwey however, loved to have a bit of craic with the younger guys and O’Connell recalled a time the former Shannon man kicked him square in the balls while the Munster team was in McDonalds.

“He pulled down my pants and then someone else lined up behind to get their foot in on my pants so I couldn’t get them back up,” he laughed.


O’Connell did however go on to praise the Galwey generation for fostering “an amazing team culture and environment in that early Munster team in terms of how well the older guys looked after the younger guys”.

“I just think it was the personality that Galwey had. He absolutely loved all the young guys that came into Munster and he looked after us,”

Mick Galwey we salute you sir. [Newstalk]

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