Johnny Sexton Auctions Iconic Drop Goal Boots To Help Schoolgirl Get Illness Treatment

Top class.

Recently crowned World Player of the Year Johnny Sexton has helped raise over €25,000 for a sick schoolgirl who desperately needs treatment, by donating the boots he wore to kick his famous drop goal against France in the Six Nations.

Sexton’s kick in the final moments snatched victory for Ireland and the death as they went on to secure a famous Grand Slam. And now the boots have fetched a whopping €15,000 – with an additional €10,000 also being raised.

Eight-year-old Anna Browne from Mallow, Co. Cork has been suffering with Cerebral Palsy and needs specialised treatment for the illness.

Speaking to the Herald, Anna’s mum, Evelyn said that the entire campaign has raised €25,000 after a mystery doner offered €10,000 but did not take the boots in the end.

“It’s unreal,” Evelyn said.

Irish Independent columnist, Billy Keane, who is Sexton’s godfather, had got the Ireland international to auction the boots after he had done a piece with Anna back in April.

Following an operation in the USA, Anna must undergo intense physiotherapy in her recovery, and Evelyn says this money has helped hugely.

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