Irish Star Claims Whopping 92% Of Votes In World Team Of The Year


When it comes to World Teams of the Year – sometimes it’s pretty difficult to agree on certain positions. A lot of the time it can come down to a certain opinion, but every now and then there’s something we can all agree on.

No matter what country you’re from, or how you rate players – Tadhg Furlong is the best tighthead in the world right now. It’s as simple as. Not only is he the complete package – he’s adding to that package almost every week.

Furlong will go down as one of the great players that completely redefined what it is to play in his specific position. Tightheads are supposed to be able to do what Tadhg Furlong does – but they’re now gonna have to start learning if they are to keep up with the best.

92% of people voted for him in the BBC World Team of the Year. The only question is… Who did the other 8% vote for?

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