Greig Laidlaw Doubles Down On Referee Criticism In Press Conference


Scotland captain Greig Laidlaw has doubled down on his criticism of referee Romain Poite following his side’s defeat to Ireland at Murrayfield yesterday afternoon.

The scrumhalf was branded “classless” by some online yesterday after he had a go at Poite over a number of incidents after the game, suggesting the Frenchman “didn’t like” Scotland.

And in in the post-match press conference Laidlaw had even more to say.

“There’s one moment in particular. We launched off a lineout in the second half and Sean O’Brien kind of reefed the ball and Romain was right there and he gave a knock on against us when it was clearly not a knock on.” Laidlaw said

“It was play on so you can understand why, with the way the game was going, we get frustrated. We talk about Test matches turning on small points and again that just allowed us to release the pressure valve [on Ireland].

“It was a big call in the match in my eyes so clearly from a Scottish point of view we’re disappointed with it.”

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