Outrage Following “Classless” Greig Laidlaw Interview After Ireland Defeat

“He doesn’t like us.”

Scotland captain Greig Laidlaw is coming under fire online for his post-match interview following the defeat to Ireland in Murrayfield.

The scrumhalf went on a bit of a rant about referee Roman Poite, accusing the Frenchman of “not liking” Scotland. He goes on to blatantly blame the referee for incidents in the game, before saying he’s “not blaming” him.

“O’Brien’s reefed the ball out and Romain has given a knock-on right in front of him.” Laidlaw said.

“He doesn’t seem to like us. He refereed us against South Africa as well and we don’t seem to see eye-to-eye.”

“We’re not going to blame him, we look at ourselves, and credit to Ireland.”

His comments have certainly not gone down well.