France Go To Number One In The World For The First Time

Number one.

Even though a lot of people are discussing the MLB all-star game and MLB picks, it is safe to say that this weekend has been the most meaningful weekend in the history of the France national rugby team. In other words, they deserve a bit of recognition.

For the first time ever in their history, the French boys find themselves number one in the World Rugby rankings. They waited for a long time for this honor, but, with a little bit of good fortune and wonderful form, they managed to become the best in the world. Today we are going to discuss the things that happened and how France became the world’s number one.

The Historic Day In France

France became number one in the men’s rugby union world rankings for the first time in their history. Here is how they achieved it.

As you definitely know, France won the 2022 Grand Slam and that gave them a lot of confidence. On Saturday, they beat Japan 20-15 and after that game, they became the best in the world. Of course, other results worked in their favor, as New Zealand lost 23-12 to Ireland and world champions South Africa were upset 13-12 by Wales.

Ireland could have become the world number one, but Will Jordan’s late try reduced their winning margin below 16 points, giving France a chance to shine.

Ireland are now second and that is also an achievement worthy of praise.

What Is The Situation With Other National Teams?

When it comes to the other rugby national teams, the Springboks took third place, while England’s 25-17 victory over Australia awarded them one place above their opponents and they are not sitting pretty at fifth place.

The Scotland national team beat Argentina 29-6 win and that allowed them to take the seventh place away from the Pumas. One of the most pleasant surprises of the week, Wales, is one place below Scotland.

It is also worth mentioning that Georgia moved above Six Nations side Italy in 12th. They managed to defeat Italy 28-19 in Batumi on Sunday and their new ranking is deserved.

What Is Next For The Best Rugby National Teams?

The next most important games will take place on Saturday, 16th of July. Here are the games you simply need to watch if you are a true rugby enthusiast.

New Zealand v Ireland (8.05 am, Sky Stadium, Wellington)

Australia v England (10.55 am, Sydney Cricket Ground)

South Africa v Wales (4.05 pm, DHL Stadium, Cape Town)

Argentina v Scotland (8.10 pm, Estadio Unico Madre de Ciudades, Santiago de Estero)

If you can’t attend those games live, the good news is that you will have the chance to watch them on Sky Sports.

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