Top 6 Most Memorable Rugby Moments of All Time 


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1 – The Heineken Cup Kicks Off: 31 October 1995 

The Heineken Cups started and were formed with 12 teams representing France, Irish, Welsh, Italy, and Romania, while the English and Scottish teams refused the game until following the campaign. From a disastrous start in Romania, in which Toulouse defeated Farul Constanta 56 – 28 to win the final, the tournament gained momentum. Toulouse was the first European Cup winner and defeated Cardiff in overtime before 21,800 spectators. Leinster and France hold a current joint record with four victories. 

2 – Whitebait Fisherman Wins It For the All Blacks: 23 October 2011 

There are no suppositions. New Zealand has not won any world cup since it was launched, and the 2011 host country faced enormous pressure to make a change. This was an expectation as the first, second, or third choice Kiwis were each broken down by an injury, a last one at halftime. As the country was weighed down Donald walked into the match with his replacement, 10th man. During his five-week absence, Donald had been whitebait fishing in the Waikato when asked to join. Donald scored a crucial point in the first ten minutes for his side. 

3 – Woodward takes the reins: 1 September 1997 

Clive Woodward’s appointment at the helm of the England team was not only crucial to England’s aspirations to win the World Cup, but also pivotal in the development of rugby union across North America. During the last 10 years Britain has been very competitive, but not fantastic, according to Jones. But Woodward made them obsequious coaches and changed their approach to rugby training and preparation. But until 2003 all clicked as England won their second Six Nations Grand Slam in eight years and defeated Ireland 42-6. 

4 – Astonishing Semis of ’99 (1999) 

The two semi-finalists in 1999 brought an enormous amount of drama to the Rugby World Cup and gained an instant place in rugby folklore. Australia beat South Africa 26-22 at Twickenham in extra time to win 28-26 to 10-0. The mercurial Stephen Larkham broke the deadlock in overtime, scoring an impressive 78 meters from the line. It was hoped New Zealand could win by a margin of 23-11 in a Trans-Tasman final on Saturday afternoon. But blacks didn’t get an answer after the iconic ‘The Bleus’ was overloaded. 

5 – Lynagh rescues wallabies in Dublin (1991) 

The Wallabies performed an escape stunt in the quarterfinals of the 1991 FIFA World Cup in Ireland before reaching an epic triumph. A brilliant David Campese double helped Australia take control. Having looked down on their opponents after three points in their Cup loss, the Wallabies came back from jail to get out of the way of flying half Mike Lynagh. Australia confirmed the new global order with the 16-6 semi-final defeat by the All Blacks and a tense 14-7 win in the Twickenham Final. 

6 – Bloodgate: 12 April 2009 

A Heineken Trophy Final. A counterfeit blood capsule. Oh yeah. In March 2012 Harlequins’ Dean Richards was banned from playing rugby for the third year and the team’s physio was struck off by the Health Professionals Council. In March 2012, Tom Williams was convicted and sentenced to a maximum of four months and tipped for Williams’ ex-teammate said he had done it all, the jokes only falling out. He said: “It helped rugby in a good way.” The project was not finished yet, “he said. 

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