Eddie Jones’ Mind Games Are Beginning To Become A Stain On Rugby

He’s gone too far.

Eddie Jones has alway been known for his colourful mind games, but have they reached a despicable level? I certainly think so.

The England boss has been around a long time and has proven he’s a damn good coach. He’s completely turned the current England team around and made them genuine contenders for the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

So what’s with the mind games? Why does he do it? We’ll never be able to really answer that. But one thing’s for sure – he’s gone too far and it has to stop. His latest attack on Wales is petty and downright despicable.

It’s completely against the values and ethos of the game. We should be all looking forward to what promises to be an absolutely cracking Six Nations game this week. But instead Jones once again has grabbed all the headlines.

Jones has mocked Wales ten Rhys Patchell, stating that “he’s inexperienced, he is their third choice 10 and that “He’s got to cope with the expectation of playing well.”

He has complained to World Rugby about Wales captain Alun Wyn Jones, bringing unnecessary attention upon him, when the Welshman had every right to do what he did.

In the past he has also taken unnecessary pops at Johnny Sexton and continues to wage war with Michael Cheika. He even tried it on with Joe Schmidt recently, but the Ireland boss refused to take the bait.

Jones has gone beyond just “mind games” I feel. He’s reached a level of desperation and his comments are not good for the game. Rugby is about the players. Not the coach. Managers have taken the limelight in football. We do not want to see that happen in rugby.

The current England team are a fantastic group of players that could very well make history this year and win an unprecedented third title in-a-row. They do not need Jones to deflect away from them with his petty mind games. They do not need their coach to “rattle” the outhalf before a ball is kicked. Leave that to the openside as soon as the ten gets his hands on the ball.

Give it a rest Eddie. It’s becoming tiresome and down right disrespectful. Let the players do the talking.

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