Eddie Jones Attempts To Rattle Rhys Patchell Ahead Of Six Nations Clash

Good old Eddie.

Head coach Eddie Jones is once again trying to defeat his opposition with mind games ahead of England’s Six Nations clash with Wales at Twickenham this weekend.

The outspoken Australian has targeted Wales’ ten Rhys Patchell ahead of the game, claiming the Scarlets playmaker will be “under some heat” this weekend. Jones has also highlighted Patchell’s Test match inexperience, labelling him as Wales’ “third-choice 10”.

“Every time Rhys Patchell looks up, he’s going to see Jonathan Joseph in his vision – it’s not a great sight,” Jones said.

“Wales have to get the ball wide and Patchell hasn’t played much Test match rugby. He’s a young guy, he’s inexperienced and is their third-choice 10.”

“He’s got to get the ball wide and that’s going to be a big job. It will be different to playing against Scotland.

“Scotland couldn’t cope with the expectation and now he’s got to cope with the expectation of playing well.

“Patchell will have to find guys around him to help because he’ll be under some heat.

“Wales played really well against Scotland but it’s going to be different on Saturday – they had no expectation on them last Saturday but this week they come full of expectation.

“Everyone has been telling them how well they played. (Wales coach) Warren Gatland’s been talking a lot this week. He’s confident. They’re confident.”

Patchell was influential in last weekend’s 34-7 demolition of Scotland in Cardiff, and has been excellent for Scarlets this season. Wales has refused to be drawn out by Jones, stating anyone wearing the number 10 jersey expects to be under pressure.

“I think anyone wearing the number 10 jersey, they are going to expect to be put under pressure, so nothing changes there,” Wales assistant coach Robin McBryde said.

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