“You Can’t Do That.” – Brian O’Driscoll On Johnny Sexton’s Reaction To Being Replaced In France Game

Not good enough.

Former Ireland captain Brian O’Driscoll reckons it was the wrong decision to take Johnny Sexton off late on in Ireland’s defeat to France at the weekend but does not believe the current Ireland skipper acted accordingly.

Sexton has come under fire after cameras pictured him shaking his head and looking at the coaching box with anger and disbelief when he was replaced by provincial teammate Ross Byrne in the 68th minute.

O’Driscoll is of the belief that you must carry yourself better in that instance, especially as captain.

Speaking on Off The Ball, the centre added that he hopes Sexton had a quiet word with Ireland boss Andy Farrell and apologised for his reaction.

“I thought that Johnny Sexton played a good game considering the lofty expectations we have of him,” O’Driscoll told Off the Ball.

“That said, I don’t think it is visually a good thing to have your captain coming off and shaking his head the way he did.

“I’m sure he’s regretful of that and I hope he had a quiet word with his coach and apologises, which Johnny Sexton has had trouble doing in the past!

“Visually, for the rest of the team and for Ross Byrne looking up at the big screen – it was this prolonged, visual of him looking up at the coach’s box and shaking his head – as captain, you can’t do that.

“You have to be able to park your own disappointment and move on, to let the next guy come in and shake things up.

“That said, I thought it was a poor tactical decision because of what his replacement subsequently offered.”

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