American Fan Makes Absolutely Hilarious NFL Olympics Rugby Claim


The Americans really don’t understand rugby do they? We’ve had a USA journalist claiming they would “dominate” the sport with a few NFL stars and a practice squad and an and NFL punter claiming he would once again “dominate” the game “easily” and now we have this fella on Twitter.

According to Zach Czajkowski, if the USA decided to field a Rugby Sevens at the Olympics they would “absolutely demolish the competition.”

When will the Yanks learn? It’s bad enough that they call their ‘national’ champions ‘world champions’ but claiming they could just take up another sport and run riot is just hilarious.

Back to reality with their actual rugby team, their 15-a-side team lost 71-10 to Ireland in their last Test match and their sevens counterparts were dumped out of the Olympics by Great Britain in the quarter-finals yesterday. Better get those NFL boys on the phone quick, lads.

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