Alex Goode’s Three-Day Champions Cup Final Bender Is The Stuff Of Legend

Not all heroes wear capes.

Saracens fullback Alex Goode has achieved cult-hero status over the last few days thanks to his truly epic three-day bender following the Champions Cup final on Saturday.

The 31-year-old England international won his third European title against Leinster at St James’ Park on the day, before being named European Player of the Year for the first time to cap an incredible season.

But it’s what followed that has everyone talking. Following the cup final celebrations on Saturday, Goode rocked on the following day (Sunday) in full matchday kit (with added bumbag) and got the day 2 celebrations going in some style.

Come Monday the Sarries lads were still going, rolling over onto day three, with Goode still in his full matchday kit. He took to Twitter yesterday evening to let everyone know where the house party was, before being forced to remove the invitation seemingly at the request of teammate Jamie George – who must have been the host!

The three-time European champions then moved onto a new location, with Goode letting his 23k+ followers know where to find them. Still in full matchday kit mind you. And come late last night, Goode was still in full kit and somehow – still going strong.

Where he is now remains to be seen. All we know is rugby has a new hero. Long live the king.

UPDATE: All great journeys must come to and end…

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