World Rugby Release Fresh Statement Following Typhoon Row With Scotland


Scotland have accepted that they were wrong to criticise World Rugby during the Rugby World Cup in Japan over the possible cancellation of their game with Japan over Typhoon concerns.

SRU chief executive Mark Dodson made headlines last month when he said that Scotland wouldn’t accept the possibility of them being eliminated from the World Cup if Typhoon Hagabis resulted in their match being cancelled, and even threatened legal action.

“No, we don’t [accept it],” Dodson said last month.

“I think from our point of view, this is the crux of the matter. The first and most important issue is that we look after the safety of the general public. The second thing is for World Rugby to just simply state that the game has to be cancelled goes against the whole sporting integrity of the tournament.

“World Rugby is pointing us back to the participation agreement. We’ve had legal opinion – from a leading QC – that challenges World Rugby’s interpretation.”

Earlier this month an Independent Disputes Committee found that those comments made by Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) representatives constituted misconduct.

World Rugby said they strongly believed the comments, which suggested an unfair and disorganised treatment of all teams, to be inappropriate and ill-judged at a time when Japan was preparing for the largest and most destructive typhoon in decades.

They made an open offer to the SRU which required the SRU to apologise for its conduct and make a donation to the Typhoon disaster relief fund in Japan. And Scotland have done exactly that with World Rugby releasing the following statement:

“World Rugby can confirm that the Scottish Rugby Union has expressed its regret and has confirmed it will not challenge World Rugby further on this matter.

“The Scottish Rugby Union has agreed to pay a donation of £70,000 to World Rugby and the matter is now closed. There will be no further comment from either party.”

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