World Rugby Boss – ‘Pacific Nations Will Not Be Excluded From World League’


World Rugby CEO Brett Gosper says the Pacific Nations will not be “closed out” from their proposed “World League” competition despite reports suggesting otherwise.

Speaking to AFP, Gosper says there are plans to include them in a two tier competition, with division status decided on rankings based on merit alone.

“The two-division competition would provide more player opportunities and ensure financial stability for unions,” said Gosper

“Importantly, participation would be merit-based, based on rankings at an agreed time.”

“Therefore, there is no question of closing out the Pacific Islands as we would be adding two more emerging unions to the top table whilst financing a second tier competition with all the benefits that would bring to the players.”

“This is a rapidly evolving on-going conversation with all stakeholders and some of the concerns voiced were inaccurate and out of date,”

Gosper also allayed fears that the new league would be detrimental to future British and Irish Lions tours.

“Lions tours would not be affected as we plan for a lighter programme in those years; the spotlight would be firmly on the Lions,” Gosper added.

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