Will Greenwood’s “Unmissable” New Way Of Taking Drop Goals Could Catch On

Not a bad idea.

The importance of having a good drop goal specialist in your arsenal has been somewhat overlooked by teams in the last few years.

Some of the biggest games in history have been decided over the years thanks a well executed three points from the pocket. Look at Jonny Wilkinson in the 2003 Rugby World Cup final, or Ronan O’Gara against Wales to clinch a Grand Slam for Ireland back in 2009.

More recently there was Johnny Sexton’s incredible effort in Paris last year, but outside of that there hasn’t been too many of note in recent years, with the All Blacks criticised last year for not having a pop from the pocket.

But what if you’ve discovered a way of increasing accuracy while decreasing difficulty in the process, would more teams have a pop? Will Greenwood reckons he has with this NFL style ‘field goal’ dropper that he insists is perfect legal. Have a watch below.

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