We’ve Got Some Potentially Brilliant Champions Cup Television Coverage News

Champions Cup rugby might be coming back to terrestrial television.

The one major issue that people have had with the Champions Cup since it replaced the old Heineken Cup is the issue with television coverage. In a bid to make as much money as they could, EPCR sold half the rights to Sky, and half to BT Sport.

This means one week your team’s game could be televised on BT and the next on Sky. As a result fans are being forced to have a subscription for both services, which as anyone that has done so will tell you, is pretty damn expensive.

The good news? The Telegraph are reporting that the Champions Cup could return to terrestrial television. The current tv broadcasting deal expires in 2019 and it is believed that tournament organisers want to offer free-to-air matches in order to reach a greater audience.

So basically the tender will go out, with either Sky or BT Sport winning the rights. A certain number  of games will be broadcast on Sky/BT, while the rest will be live on terrestrial television. Absolutely brilliant news


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