“We’re Terrible!” – Tadhg Furlong On How Him & Tom Curry Became DJs On The Lions Tour

The jukebox.

One of the great bromances that have arrived out of this year’s British and Irish Lions tour of South Africa is that of Ireland’s Tadhg Furlong and England flanker Tom Curry.

The pair seemingly struck up a friendship early on in the tour and have been getting on like a house on fire ever since. And they’ve even picked up a new skill as a result of their friendship, although they’re not very good at it according to Furlong.

We heard about Furlong and Curry putting on a bit of a DJ show for a coffee morning last week from Jack Conan to compliment Elliot Daly and Jamie George’s coffees, with some help from Josh ‘Navicii’ Navidi – but how did this new venture come about?

Turns out Tom Curry found a set of decks, Josh Navidi arrived to show them the ropes, and the rest as they say – is history.

“It’s over-egged, to be honest with you really,” said Furlong when asked about him and Curry’s new DJ skills.

“The long and short of it is, Tom Curry found decks, they brought a lot of stuff over for us just to keep us entertained in the hotel and stuff like that.

“So, Tom Curry found decks and decided he wanted to be a DJ. I was like ‘Look, let’s have a go, ‘ bit of craic, trying to learn a new skill and what have you.

“It went terribly. And then we found out Josh Navidi or ‘Navici’ as we are calling him, he actually is a DJ, he actually does a bit of DJing in clubs, so we tried to learn a little bit off him.

“We have done a coffee morning, heavily helped by Navici and that’s about it. We are terrible. I wouldn’t be trying to sell any tickets for a night any time soon.”

DJ Furlong and DJ Curry feat. Navicii, coming to a club near you in 2022 – or not!

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