“We All Need To Take Immediate Action. Please.” – Keith Earls Launches Online Coronavirus Plea


With sport finally coming to an almost complete standstill across the world as the coronavirus pandemic continues to infect people and take lives, measures are now being taken to restrict people’s day-to-day movement.

In Ireland, schools, colleges and childcare facilities have been shut with indoor gatherings of 100 people or more and outdoor gatherings of 500 or more banned. Many pubs and restaurants have voluntarily closed with the government expected to announce mandatory closures across the country next week.

Despite all this, a small number of people are still failing to realise the sheer magnitude of what is going on in the world, with Ireland and Munster winger Keith Earls making an online plea today to try and reach out those people who are not doing their utmost to play their part in containing the spread.

In a message on social media on Sunday morning, Earls said “the actions of some people are really starting to worry” him with the winger noting that his young daughter suffers from a respiratory lung condition that puts her in great danger should she contract the virus.

“As a father of a child with a serious respiratory lung condition and many others like her, I urge the public to please listen to the professionals. I will do everything I can to protect her.”

“Everyone has a part to play. I’m usually a private person but the actions of some people is really starting to worry me.

“This is an extremely worrying and scary time and we all need to take immediate action. Please.”


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