WATCH: The Single Greatest Reaction To A Penalty Try You Will Ever See


What do you do when the referee awards a penalty try against you? Look defeated and make your way slowly back to the centre of the pitch and get ready to go again with the restart? Not a chance.

In the clip below (we don’t have much details on where and when the game was) a team ends up conceding a penalty try. Under the rules these days, a conversion does not need to be taken, as the full seven points are automatically awarded.

The team on the wrong end decided to use this to their advantage, running back as quick as then can for the restart, before kicking the ball ten metres, recovering it and dotting down for instant try comeback.

The loophole that led to his score has apparently since been closed, but you have to admire the quick thinking! The best reaction to a penalty try you’re probably ever going to see on a rugby pitch.

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