Watch: Super Rugby Team Brilliantly Lift Car Off The Road & Save Stranded Motorist

Lads give us a hand lift this car will you?

The Sunwolves are in high spirits this week after recording their first Super Rugby win of the season in a thrilling 21-20 victory over The Bulls in Tokyo. Up next for the Japanese side is New Zealand franchise the Crusaders, which will be no easy task.

If they believe in Karma however, then they’ve nothing to worry about after they helped save this Auckland motorist who ended up in an unfortunate situation following a car accident.

The whole pack chipped in, using their strength to lift the car and move it 90 degrees. They then put their knees into it, lifting the car up on the sidewalk, clearing the road for traffic to move freely.

Who needs roadside assistance when you’ve got an entire rugby team?

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