Watch: ROG On What He Has Seen This Week & The Pride It Has Filled Him With


Former Munster outhalf has spoken of the immense pride he has felt in the last week after the rugby world rallied together in the wake of Anthony Foley’s death.

Speaking on BT Sport, O’Gara said:

“I’ve just come back from there and I think we ‘re all really shook by it because it’s just something very difficult for us to get our heads around.

“We all come from somewhere and I’m extremely proud I come from Munster and I come from Ireland because what I saw in the last week fills me with massive pride.

“It’s a special place over there, Thomond yesterday was incredible. The world of rugby and the world of sport has been very comforting.

“It’s a wonderful sport we play and some of us, when we are in the bubble where we’re overcome by results, but to see the rugby family and what they have done in the last week has been really, really special.

“It was so sad the last week but with the team mates we had, we never laughed so much on Friday night, my ribs are sore from laughing and that helps.

“The people of Killaloe were so warm and Anthony’s family have been incredible led by Olive obviously.

“I think it’s at times like this that you realise what great people come from there.


When asked what would go through his head during the minute’s silence before tonight’s game, he responded:

“It’s literally minute-by-minute at the minute, it’s probably a week exactly to the point that Anthony was taken from us and the week has been a blur.

“It’s a case of trying to do your best.

“I think that’s why you get into sport to savour the memories we’ve all had with Anthony and we’ve all had in the red jersey.

“I’ll be thinking of his kids, I’ll be thinking of his wife, I’ll be thinking of Munster, I’ll be thinking of how lucky I was to play in such a great team for such a long time with a special man.”

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