WATCH: The Most Ridiculous, Impossible, Preposterous Try Ever Scored On A Rugby Pitch

Just wow.

Cowboys winger Kyle Feldt left the NRL world (and everyone else) in awe with one of the most incredible finishes we’ve ever seen on a rugby pitch over the weekend.

Despite having three Broncos defenders all over him, Feldt somehow managed to get an arm free and touch the ball down from the most preposterous of positions in a clip that still has us scratching our heads.

At first glance, it looked like he had been held up by the three recovering Broncos defenders but Feldt then decided to go full Inspector Gadget.

The commentary team was equally bemused the finish and struggled to put what they saw into word.

“What a try! It’s one of the greatest putdowns you will ever see,” said Fox League commentator Andrew Voss.

“Has he got three arms? Because the two arms he’s got were held up and he’s produced another one to force the ball. What a crazy try from Kyle Feldt!”

Feldt spoke to Fox League after the game and was asked to explain how he got the ball down, after his teammate Val Holmes revealed the winger practices similar moves at training regularly.

“I couldn’t anything, I just knew I was pretty close to the line,” Feldt said.

“I think instincts kicked in and I put my arm out, and I was very lucky it got on the line.

“I do a little bit (of practice) but not like that, that was pretty off the cuff… I was very lucky on that one.”

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