Watch: Richard Hibbard Gets Punched In The Sack, Then Accused Of Simulation!

At least he’s in a European final.

Gloucester pulled off a stunning 16-14 victory over Top 14 leaders La Rochelle in the semi-finals of the European Challenge Cup on Saturday night.

The heroic effort however, could have been made a lot easier if referee Andy Brace spotted this punch to the nether regions by La Rochelle’s Fijian international Jone Qovu on former Lions hooker Richard Hibbard.

The Welsh hooker immediately dropped to the ground like a sack of spuds (no pun intended!) and rightfully so, given the ferocity of the punch. Qovu no doubt should have seen red, but to make matters worse, Hibbard was accused of simulation!

“I don’t appreciate you throwing yourself on the ground. This is the wrong sport for that.” The ref said.

Qovu will no doubt be cited, with Brace owing Hibbard an apology!

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