Watch: Nigel Owens Brilliantly Tells Cardiff Scrumhalf Why He Couldn’t Play On


Nigel Owen’s has been in great form once again tonight.

The legendary referee brought us one of his classic moments earlier on tonight as he called in Connacht and Cardiff’s captain to warn them about their players behaviour on the pitch.

Owens made it clear that he doesn’t want to hear them shouting at him anymore about decisions and that ‘we’re in the wrong sport’ for that kind of behaviour on a pitch towards a referee.

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In another hilariously blunt Owens moment where he turns the ball over to Connacht due to Cardiff losing it in a ruck. When questioned by the Cardiff scrumhalf as to why they couldn’t play on, Owens’ response was golden.

We’ll you decipher what he said for yourself, but to us it’s something along the lines of… “You lost the fu**in ruck…”

We may be wrong but we’re gonna go with that!