Watch: Nigel Owens Brilliantly Slags Jaco Taute For Poor Pass In Munster & Glasgow Game

Nigel Owens was in excellent form tonight.

Referee Nigel Owens proved once again why he’s the best referee in the world as he took charge of a fiery affair between Munster and Glasgow.

As per usual, the Welshman was stern in his decision making, laying a marker down for both sides early in the first-half.

He also wasn’t afraid to use the TMO when needed, correctly spotting a knock on by Munster that looked to be a certain score, telling both sides that ‘he knows it’s an important game for them and wants to be sure he gets the decisions right.’

Late in the second-half, Owens also gave us another one of his classic moments, brilliantly slagging off South African Jaco Taute for a poor missed pass.

“It’s poor play there by you on the pass, under no pressure there.”

Billy Holland then responded with a quip of his own, after Munster had messed up their initial advantage.

“Cheers coach.”

Check it out below.

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