Watch: New Australian Invention Set To Revolutionise How Concussions Are Dealt With


Concussions in rugby have been a huge talking point of late.

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The issue with the injury and the potential long-term effects have been up for debate in recent times, with some extremists even calling for tackling to be banned at underage level in order to protect up and coming young players.

An Australian invention called Brainband is now in the works and hopes to work to prevent concussive brain injuries from taking place. The band looks like an ordinary sports headband and was developed by an Australian team through funding by tech giant Samsung and it works by measuring all force taken to the head above 10 gs.

The invention is still in the prototype stage but it works by delivering real-time information to a device held by the match official who, after the player has received too many forceful hits to the head, can instruct him or her to leave the field of play.

The product would no doubt be welcome in many contact sports. Check out the news report from @7NewsAdelaide which details the working prototype below.