Watch: Luke Fitzgerald Absolutely Tears Into Paul Kimmage In Heated Argument


Luke Fitzgerald and Paul Kimmage got in a bit of a Twitter spat recently over comments the latter made about the All-Ireland football final between Dublin and Mayo. Kimmage thought they cheated to win the game, with Fitzgerald outraged that Kimmage would use that word, especially considering the former cyclist previously admitted to doping in the sport.

The former Ireland and Leinster winger decided to invite Kimmage onto The Left Wing this week to have a chat, and the pair got in studio to discuss. To say things got a little heated would be an understatement. Basically while Fitzgerald believes what Dublin did may have been cynical, they did not cheat. Cheating is when someone uses performance enhancers in his opinion.

We won’t go fully into detail (the full video is below for you to have a watch) but we’ve jumped to the end of the discussion where things got really intense. Kimmage wanted to know why he’s a bully for speaking his mind.

“How does that make me a bully?” Kimmage said.

Fitzgerald seemed to completely lose it hear, launching a irate attack on Kimmage and how he’s perceived among rugby circles.

“My own feeling on the bully thing is that I feel that you’re incredibly aggressive and I think that people are afraid to, well I know in rugby circles people are afraid to dialogue with you because they’re afraid of you. Genuinely they are.” Fitzgerald said
“I think you’re an angry guy, and off the back of that there’s a feeling out there that you’re a bully. That’s why I said that.”

Kimmage then asked  “So am I a bully or not?” to which Fitzgerald replied:

“I think you are. I think you’ve been pointing your finger at my face for half the show. You’ve brought in a massive amount of, I suppose it’s historical information now to back up a claim. I don’t know what you were trying to do, you look like you were trying to absolve yourself from what I can see, of any wrongdoing,”
“I think everything here was an intimidation tactic. I think you’re a bully.

Fitzgerald’s outburst clearly had an effect on Kimmage as he managed to do something that I don’t think anyone has ever done before. He left Kimmage speechless.

“There’s absolutely nothing I can say to that. Well done.” said Kimmage

Kimmage added that he’d like to apologies to all those rugby players he ‘terrifies’ and said that Fitzgerald should have picked up the phone rather than call him out on Twitter.

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