WATCH: London Irish Forced To Kick By Referee After Massive Water Blunder


London Irish aren’t going down without a fight, after securing a huge 22-9 win over relegation rivals Worcester over the weekend.

The result however, came with a bit of an embarrassing error during the game, as a water carried brought a tee onto the field, forcing Irish’s Greig Tonk to kick for goal.

Tonk had no intention of going for the points, but clearly there was a bit of a miscommunication along the way. The law states that ‘intention to kick is signaled by the arrival of the kicking tee.’

Therefore once the tee was brought on, Tonk had no choice but to kick, whether he wanted to or not.

Despite Tonk’s best efforts to get the carrier to hide the tee, the referee spotted it and he was forced to kick.

… And he missed!

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