Watch Ireland’s History-Making 2007 Game Against England At Croke Park In Full

A special day.

With the whole country basically on lockdown for Paddy’s Day, we need to think outside the box to keep us entertained.

Pubs and restaurants are closed, the parades are off and there is absolutely no sport on television. And let’s be honest – there’s only so much Netflix you can watch.

So to keep you entertained today and in the weeks and months to come, we’ve been doing some serious digging to try and find some classic matches you can watch in full.

And for the day that’s in it – we uncovered an absolute gem of a game that will make you proud to be Irish, Ireland vs England at Croke Park back in 2007, a game that will never be forgotten.

The incredible silence for the England anthem, John Hayes’ tears for the Irish anthems, and not forgetting Ireland’s unbelievable performance on the day including that Shane Horgan try.

If you’re looking to get it on your TV most smart televisions have YouTube now and it’s also available on most Sky boxes. A good trick is you can cast it off your phone onto a Chromecast or onto a Sky Q box if you have one.

Playstations and Xbox Ones have YouTube too. Or you can just enjoy on your phone, laptop or tablet.

Sit back, relax, and forget about the uncertainty in the world for 80 minutes. This one is special. Oh and here’s a link to Ireland vs New Zealand from 2018 in full too if you want to watch that.

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