Watch: Heartwarming Tribute To The Late Great Jonah Lomu On His Anniversary


A year ago today rugby lost its first every truly global superstar.

Jonah Lomu was one of a kind. The towering late winger will forever be remembered as the first man to truly transcend above the sport of rugby itself. His freakish strength, lighting pace and wonderful skills, made him one of the most fearsome players the world has ever seen.

A year ago today he lost his long battle with kidney disease. Lomu fought through this disease for most of his life, ending his career abpruptly, before making several comebacks over the years, defying all odds.


Today we remember the man they called Lomu with this powerful video. The Jonah Lomu Trust has also been set-up in honour of the fallen hero. You can donate to this great cause here.

Jonah gave his time and support to so many charities, organisations and people around the world. There would be many people who would like to return that generosity, honour his legacy and help his boys in a trusted and meaningful way. The Jonah Lomu Legacy Trust provides that opportunity.”  – Former All Black & Trustee Michael Jones

Gone but not forgotten; Lomu’s legacy lives on.

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