Watch: Footage Emerges Of Nasty David Pocock Neck Grab


Daivd Pocock could find himself in serious trouble.

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Pocock could be hit with a lengthy ban, after being cited for grabbing Chiefs number eight Michael Leitch by the neck during the Brumbies 48-23 defeat yesterday.The incident occurred during the 74th minute of the game, as the Chiefs looked to maul the Brumbies down field.

In the footage Pocock not only grabs Leitch around the neck, but does not let go even after the Chiefs forward taps him on the back a number of times. The citing commissioner has now judged that the incident may have warranted a red card and will further investigate the offence.

Pocock Neck Grab

David Pocock Neck Grab On Michael Leitch

Posted by Rugby Hits on Sunday, April 3, 2016