Watch: Conor O’Shea Explains Italy’s Tactics & Fires Back At Matt Dawson

Conor O’Shea’s Italy shocked England today with some rather intriguing tactics that were baffling- but perfectly legal.

The Azzuri decided to not commit men to rucks, allowing them to stay on side and disrupt England at every breakdown. It was a masterclass from O’Shea, and it was embarrassing for England who were simply caught out, unaware of the laws of the game.

Jones was highly critical as was former England nine Matt Dawson. The scrumhalf was highly critical on Twitter, stating that O’Shea’s men are unable to compete at this level and resorted to tactics that ruined the game.

O’Shea has since spoke to BBC 5 Live about his tactics and responded to Dawson in a truly compelling interview that’s a must see.

Check it out below.

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