Watch: Cathal Sheridan Is The Latest Professional To Open Up About Depression


Cathal Sheridan is the latest ambassador to open up following Jack McGrath’s heartbreaking video during the week.

The Munster scrumhalf went through a torrid period with injury that left him in a dark place.  As part of IRUPA’s Tackle Your Feelings campaign, Sheridan opens up about the dark times he went through. He says:

“I had been injured plenty of times before this instance, many much more serious and more long term, but I had always managed to deal very effectively with the challenges that go hand in hand with injuries.

“At the time I didn’t even understand the effect it was having on me. Not only was I not enjoying being a rugby player, I wasn’t really enjoying anything I was doing.

“It was only after a close friend questioned my behaviours that I realised I had been isolating myself, falling into bad habits and even blaming rugby for my frustration. Now I am a lot quicker to notice when something is wrong and I take action straight away.”

Watch the video in full below.

Cathal Sheridan Feature Video from Irish Rugby Players on Vimeo.


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