Watch: Boris Johnson Bumps Off 10-Year-Old Schoolboy


Politicians are always going on about tackling the big issues.

But Boris Johnson has a different approach, he likes to take on the smaller issues. And by that I mean he likes to rugby tackle 10-year-old Japanese school boys.

The London mayor is currently on a business trip in Japan, from which this footage of him shoulder-barging schoolboy Toki Sekiguchi during a ‘friendly’ game of rugby has surfaced.

Toki felt the impact, but was soon up and running again afterwards. The Mirror reported him as saying: “I felt a little bit of pain but it’s OK”, and that it was ‘enjoyable’ to meet the mayor.

It’s not the first time Boris has floored a kid during a game, last year he was seen tripping up a nine-year-old boy during a game of football in London.

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