Watch: Allister Coetzee Loses The Plot When Asked About SA Coach Joining Munster

“Have you seen his contract?”

Springboks coach Allister Coetzee was quizzed about his assistant head coach Johan Van Graan joining Munster after yesterday’s draw with Australia, and his reaction has everybody talking.

Coetzee did not sound at all happy when asked, losing the plot a the press conference.

“That’s official? Have you seen his contract? Has he signed anything?
“So how can it be official?
“Heavily linked and signed is completely different. I don’t want to talk about Johan Van Graan. What we need to talk about is the next game, and about this game that has been completed today.
“Johan Van Graan – he’s a contracted assistant head coach to SA Rugby and those are the facts.”
“What Munster say is hearsay”

Have a watch below.

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