Wales Reveal What Actually Happened With Alun Wyn Jones & His Kickers In Scotland Game

Alun Wyn Jones wasn’t overruled by his kickers according to Welsh management.

Wales kicking coach Neil Jenkins has described exactly what happened between captain Alun Wyn Jones and his kickers during their game with Scotland.

It was speculated that perhaps Jones was overruled by his kickers who wanted to kick to the corner, while he wanted the three points with Wales trailing Scotland 16-13 at the time.

It turns out Jones did indeed want to kick the points, while Biggar thought they were going to the corner. Halfpenny then stepped up but wasn’t confident with taking the kick and said this to Jones, with the decision to kick the corner then being made by the skipper.

“I have had a good chat with Leigh and it’s clear he wasn’t decisive enough.” Wales kicking coach Neil Jenkins said.
“He didn’t make his intentions clear, so Alun Wyn has made the decision to go to the corner.
“It’s that simple. Alun Wyn wanted the three, Leigh wasn’t decisive enough. That’s where the issues have come. It surprised everyone. I was already on the pitch with the tee.
“Dan has asked are we going to the corner, what’s going on and has gone with what Alun Wyn has said.
“Leigh has put his hands up and said he clearly wasn’t decisive enough. He didn’t grab the ball and say I am nailing this, I am taking this. He will accept that. He has said he’s made a mistake. That’s life. Everyone does it and we are going to move on.
“I have had a good chat with Leigh and we’ll keep that between us.”

Jenkins continued:

“People can say he has missed a kick before that and dropped a ball at the start of the second half, but I am not one that believes all that really.
“You are going to make the odd error in Test rugby. You don’t get out of bed every day and do every single thing perfect. At some point you are going to make the odd mistake, but you have just got to brush that off and go again.
“Leigh has put his hand up. Alun Wyn is the captain, he wanted to take the shot and it’s comfortably in Leigh’s range.
“Biggar has listened to his captain. Him taking the kick at goal wasn’t discussed at that point of time. We have two fantastic goal-kickers and both of them are more than capable of nailing that kick.
“It’s done and dusted, we have had a chat about it, move forward and get it right for the next game.”

Jenkins confirmed that Halfpenny will remain Wales’ first-choice kicker if selected to start against Ireland next week.


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