Wales Have Decided To Put Their Foot Down With Six Nations Organisers

The Welsh Rugby Union has told Six Nations organisers it is not prepared to stage Friday night matches in the next two years.

Having hosted seven of the eight Friday night games since they were introduced in 2009, Wales have now said they will not host any matches in 2018 or 2019.

WRU chairman Gareth Davies says Wales feel they “have done their bit”.

“We basically made that comment, we feel other nations should share the burden,” he told BBC Radio Wales Sport.

Davies says the Friday night games have been unpopular with supporters.

“Commercially the Friday night games have done very well,” he said.
“They have been sell-outs and other sales on the business end have performed well. But it is incumbent upon us to take into account what supporters are saying.
“It is pretty inconvenient to get into Cardiff on a Friday night.We have taken into account what our loyal customers have told us.”

Davies conceded Wales will have no control over playing on a Friday evening if they are selected for one of those fixtures as an away side.

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