Wales Boss Warren Gatland Absolutely Savages His Defence Coach Shaun Edwards

Make up your mind.

Wales boss Warren Gatland says he’s “sick” of hearing about defence coach Shaun Edwards and his future – and has urged him to hurry up and make a decision.

Gatland appears to be fed up with Edwards and his inability to make a decision on his future, with the 52-year-old pulling out of a deal with Rugby League side Wigan before mulling over an offer with Wales.

“It’s been going on for a few weeks.” Gatland told WalesOnline

“I’ve had one very brief conversation with Shaun about what he was doing. He said he wasn’t quite sure. That was pretty much the extent of it.”

“Ideally you’d like that decision to be made pretty quickly whether he’s staying in Wales, going to France, going to England, or whatever he’s doing.”

“It’s more of an issue for the WRU, Wayne Pivac, and Shaun to deal with. If it does go on any longer, then I think it would be a distraction.”

“I have to be honest and say I’m sick of reading about it in the newspapers every day.”

“I can let that go at the moment because we’re not in here as a squad, but if it goes on much longer then I will be having some words with people to get it sorted out because there has been enough speculation and talk that has gone on.”

“Someone needs to make a decision. It’s not up to Martyn [Phillips], it’s up to Shaun Edwards.”

“The Union have made an offer and they’ve made it in good faith. I think Shaun has to make his mind up where he’s going.”

“It’s a difficult one for us because when you’re negotiating with people you try and be fair and the coaches understand that.”

“We all thought Shaun had agreed terms with Wigan and that somehow changed.”

“He came back into the frame and sometimes when you give people a contract offer, you give them a time limit.

“If the Union gives Shaun a time limit now of 24 to 48 hours and that elapses, and he doesn’t agree, the Union look bad because Shaun can say ‘the contract was pulled from beneath me’.

“It’s a waiting game at the moment and we will see what decision he makes.”

“It’s not something I would put up with.”


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