Video: Top 5 ‘Falcons’ Of All-Time

The Rugby HQ boys are back again with another Top 5… This time the Top 5 ‘Falcons’ of all time, in other words the Top 5 ‘People getting hit with rugby balls in the face’ of all-time!

“Something different this week with Sean Maloney and the Rugby HQ gang digging out the Top 5 ‘Falcons’ of all-time. People getting hit flush with footballs right in the face or head” 

House of Rugby is back with a brand new URC show – hosted by RugbyLAD founder Jason Hennessy, Ireland international Megan Williams and Olympic sevens star, Greg O'Shea. Follow and subscribe to it HERE.

While we’re on the topic of ‘falcons’ here’s one we missed yesterday… Ian Keatley landing one right in Wayne Barnes face!… OuchLAD