Video: How Do Irish Rugby Fans Really Feel About England


Peter Ganley and Chris Greene are no strangers to a YouTube hit. Now the men behind Epic News and Channel 4’s ‘Craic Addicts’ have come up with a rather enjoyable look at Ireland’s relationship with the England rugby team.

This video is definietly going to be a hit! (At least with Irish fans!)

Question: English rugby fans? Answer: No, we don’t know either…

That’s why William Lawson’s and the Bold alliance asked us to investigate this odd bunch. Are they really just a gang of Jeremy Clarkson drones, waving their credit cards about whilst hunting foxes, or are there humans with actual souls among them? No one really knows.

So we decided to get to the bottom of this conundrum, by asking a prominent English Rugby representative* for his views. Backed up by the opinions of the rest of the world (represented here by the Irish republic. I mean after all, us Irish are everywhere aren’t we?), finally planet Earth gets the real insight into this intriguing breed.

Watch, learn, think. And then probably go to the supermarket, or stare out of a window, or something else. Um….

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