Video: Brad Thorn Hospitalises ‘Made In Chelsea’ Star In Charity Game

He may have finally called it a day at the end of last season but Brad Thorn sent out a little reminder a couple of nights ago as to why he’s regarded as one of the toughest players to ever grace the game.

The second row was taking part in the Rugby Aid charity match at Twickenham and relished the chance to level some pampered celebrities.
Thorn must not be a fan of faux-reality show ‘Made in Chelsea’, because cast member Jamie Laing was subjected to this bone-liquefying hit from the World Cup-winner.

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Laing tried to walk it off, but later on in the night he posted a photo on his Twitter page saying he had to go to hospital with cracked ribs. Don’t mess with Brad Thorn LADS… Even in a charity game!