Two More Countries Targeted As PRO14 Looks To Continue Expansion

We’re not done yet.

The introduction of two South African teams to the all new PRO14 is just the beginning according to Ospreys chairman Roger Blyth. A number of discussions have apparently taken place, with further expansions planned.

“I know there are lots of discussions taking place. This is step one,” Blyth told Ospreys TV.
“Scotland have been rather vociferous in saying that this is just the beginning and that also excites us.
“The PRO14 must be innovative to compete and to give us a better platform financially and a better platform from a playing point of view.

While there has been a lot of talk about potential USA and Canada franchises coming on board, World Rugby are apparently looking at clubs a lot closer to home. According to Blyth, Spain and Germany are the two countries World Rugby wants to expand into.

“There have been various articles in the media about America but I think you’ll see the good hands the PRO14 is in now – I think we can only benefit from that.
“It’s headed up by Martin Anayi, who has proven an exceptional chief executive, very progressive in his thinking, very innovative.”
“World Rugby know the territories they want to expand into at the right time would be Spain and Germany,”
“The way the league is constructed gives the flexibility to look at that at the right time.”

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