Tonga Rugby Chief Claims World Rankings Are Calculated ‘In A Gypsy Caravan Park In Ireland’


Taoine, who is the chairman of the Tonga Rugby Union and a former player, launched a spirited attack on the governing body which has its headquarters in Dublin.

He claims that Tier 2 nations are being treated unfairly in the organisation of theWorld Cup and the distribution of finances, in what he described as ‘colonial bulls**t’.

“Rugby is so out of touch. It’s run by colonialists who still think they run the world like it was 100 years ago,” he told the New Zealand Herald.

“They say let’s spread the game but it’s complete and utter shit.

“They want us to compete but we get $1.58 million a year while Argentina, New Zealand and the other SANZAR countries have received $18 million before the tournament.

“The money should be evenly distributed. And we still only get one vote for all of the Pacific Island members – it should be Tonga one vote, Samoa one vote, Fiji one vote. I cannot see how our voice will be heard.

“[$1.58 million] to float a union is an insult … Where is the even playing field? We have no home games to generate revenue and we’re lucky to get one tier 1 test.

“Until they’re willing to give up power, nothing will change. Until they evenly distribute the resources, they’re going nowhere … Considering the way we’re treated, we compete very well.”

He also blasted the calculations for the world rankings  as being “worked out in a gypsy caravan park in Ireland somewhere”.

Taione legally changed his name to Paddy Power for the duration of the 2007 World Cup to help fund Tonga’s participation in the tournament.


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